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Step back into THE WOMB to bend your mind and experience whole body listening. 

THE WOMB sculpture is a whole body listening console, designed to transform sound into an  intense, intersensory,  psychedelic experience.    



Developed in partnership with artists, scientists, music industry and the charity sector, THE WOMB welcomes you to explore the profound power of sound, sensory fluidity and its effect on conscious awareness and mental health.

It invites you to join the ever-growing global dialogue about the nature of consciousness and health benefits of psychedelic experiences.



THE WOMB has partnered up with leading scientists in psychedelic research to develop non-pharmacological ways of inducing altered state of consciousness. It explores the practical potential of science-backed art practices in tackling one of the biggest challenges of modern day society -  it advocates development of innovative, more effective  and more accessible mental health treatment.



The form and the name of the console are a humble homage to her selfless holiness, but also a reminder of our prenatal life, when the womb was our entire universe. Safe, snug and isolated inside, we could only perceive the information shaped by the womb.

By recreating this environment, THE WOMB invites you to find stillness, dive into your senses, and challenge reality.

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