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THE WOMB experience

Step inside the glorious sphere, and get yourself comfortable for an intimate, psychonautical journey.

THE WOMB invites you to surrender yourself to intense sensory delights, explore the sound in a profound way, and challenge the way you perceive music and reality.

This unique immersive experience uses a specially designed sensory protocol to combine sound, light, scent and tactile vibration in order to simulate and stimulate psychedelic sensations.

To transform sound perception into a powerful, intersensory experience, and enable users to hear, see, touch and smell the sound, THE WOMB relies heavily on synaesthetic mechanisms.

3D model of THE WOMB's basic stricture, slanted

Even though naturally-occurring synaesthesia is relatively rare, it can also be acquired - psychedelics can often induce synaesthetic experiences of transient nature.

Coming from the idea that we are all born with synaesthetic potential, THE WOMB seeks to reverse this causality, and use synasthesia as a tool to simulate the psychedelic experience

And what about you?  Looking for a thrill through a novelty way of perceiving sound? Or hoping to dive into higher states of consciousness? Doesn’t really matter.For a whole body listening experience, step back into THE WOMB.

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